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get_breast_mammogram() retrieves data for mammograms conducted within a specified period from the KHIS API server.


  end_date = NULL,
  level = c("country", "county", "subcounty", "ward", "facility"),
  organisations = NULL,



The start date to retrieve data. It is required and in the format YYYY-MM-dd.


The ending date for data retrieval (default is the current date).


The desired data granularity: "country" (the default), "county", "subcounty", "ward", or "facility".


A list of organization units ids to be filtered.


Other options that can be passed onto KHIS API.


A tibble containing data for mammograms conducted with the following columns:

  • country - Name of the country.

  • county - Name of the county. Optional if the level is county, subcounty, ward or facility.

  • subcounty - Name of the subcounty. Optional if the level is subcounty, ward or facility.

  • ward - Name of the ward. Optional if the level is ward or facility.

  • facility - Name of the health facility. Optional if the level facility.

  • period - The month and year of the data.

  • fiscal_year- The financial year of the report(July-June Cycle).

  • year - The calendar year of the report.

  • month - The month name of the report.

  • category - The age group category of the report (25-34, 35-39, 40-55, 56-74, or 75+).

  • category2 - Additional category if available.

  • element - The data element.

  • value - The number reported.


if (FALSE) { # khis_has_cred()

# Download data from February 2023 to current date
mammogram_data <- get_breast_mammogram(start_date = '2023-02-01')